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St. Boniface Catholic  High School
A Chesterton Academy

St. Boniface Catholic High School will be accepting freshmen for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Please email stboniface@catholicnac.org for more information.  Or call 936-564-7807.  

St. Boniface is seeking faithful Catholic teachers to help us in the fall.  We have the following classes where we need part-time teachers:  Literature/Writing, Spanish, Art, and Music.  The job description is below.  


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St. Boniface Catholic High School is an apostolate of Catholic Nacogdoches. Our mission is to form Catholic missionary disciples, who are equipped to thrive and lead in the world and in the Church, through a rigorous Catholic classical education. 

Deum Amare, Veritatem Scire, et Bonem Facere.
To love God, know the truth, and do the good.